The Enlightened Customer blog is designed to help those in customer service, specifically those who are Customer Success Managers with a B2B Saas company. The concept of Customer Success Management is a new one but is extremely important as part of the Saas subscription model.

I will share what I’ve learned as well as outline what I recommend to help build the best customer experience possible for today’s better informed or “enlightened customers”.  I have been serving customers in various industries and positions for over 20 years and have been a Customer Success Manager for over 8 years. I have made my first attempt to define what an enlightened customer is but I’m sure this will change over time: What is an Enlightened Customer?. I will also be writing about my experiences as a customer.

I currently work for an amazing start-up out of NYC called Bluecore. Previously I led Customer Success at  Influitive and worked for a leading marketing automation software company called Eloqua (now part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud) for almost a decade. I am very passionate about providing the best customer experience possible.




PS – You can also check out my other blog: Anything Goes Marketing
PPS – I would encourage you to join my LinkedIn Group: Customer Success Managers in Action

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